Sexy underwear will be the new growth point of the female underwear market analysis of lingerie industry

Time: 2017-11-29

    Our intuitive understanding of underwear is generally limited to lingerie, while men's underwear style materials are generally more fixed, so under normal circumstances, women's underwear is considered the main driver of the market. We often hear the sentence is that men rely on the conquest of the world to conquer the woman, and women through the underwear to conquer the man, regardless of the right and wrong of this sentence, just in terms of value, embodies the underwear for women, and The effect on men is quite large.

    At present, modern underwear not only focus on the visual aspects of the temptation, but also pay more attention to the health factors brought to women up. Currently, there are often all kinds of lingerie shows and fashion shows to become trendy in the market, and television shows will be the next as an important highlight of television.

情趣内衣将成为女性内衣市场新的增长点 女性内衣行业分析

    From a market perspective, according to prospective industry research data show that the next 3-5 years, China's women's underwear market will continue to maintain rapid growth, and annual consumption growth rate remained above 20%. And underwear plate is becoming a highlight of the capital market competition, will also be the last piece of the apparel market "cake."

    From the perspective of demand for underwear, the gradual demand for underwear gradually showing a trend of fashion, health, rejuvenation, for women, underwear is no longer a fig leaf, but to show personal charm and attract the opposite sex Note the weapon. From the demand point of view, with the diversification of clothing elements, the current Chinese women's market has formed a high-speed growth stage from the outside to the inside.

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